In the few years I spent in Cumaru, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things, although there are many people in Cumaru who can neither read nor write. But every child can, for example, name without hesitation dozens of bird species, or distinguish poisonous from non-poisonous snakes. They know how birds and fish are caught. Everyone knows how corn, beans, yams, okra and pumpkins are planted and harvested, and how chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, horses etc. are kept. Practically all villagers know each other and their families personally, everyone knows what the other person can do, what pecularities and flaws he has. I had the rare opportunity to share all this knowledge, and I hereby sincerely thank them for the hospitality I have received.

I can only contribute little to this immense knowledge. However, the hospitality has indirectly and unexpectedly given me the opportunity to create some documents that I even wouldn't have dreamed of before. I hereby make them available to the general public, and not because I believe that the inhabitants of Cumaru are particularly interested in it, but mainly because the publication doesn't cost me anything. If only own person can benefit, then the small effort has already paid off.

During my stay in Cumaru, I had suggested to the authority to offer a typewriting course so that the Lanhouses founded at that time could be used more usefully. As my contribution to this idea, I created a simple 10-finger Typing course (doc).

During the subsequent time after my departure from Cumaru, which I spent in the neighborhood of this community, I had an unexpected opportunity to give an English course (which had been undesirable in Cumaru) at a public school. Although there were various teaching aids there, none of them suited me. Since I had a lot oft free time, I decided to create my own English course for students of Portuguese mother language. And here it is, the English Course for portuguese mother-tongue students: Volume I (pdf), Volume II (pdf).